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it is on steam

Accidentally saw this on the ldjam website and it looks really cool. Looking forward to the remake version 

Indie nova? :)

Thanks for playing! I noticed that problem too and removed it, but by the time I finished compiling the submission time was already ended  :(

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I like this game, the idea is cool and fun. It is a bit too hard to control tho

I really like the concept, and this game is actually quite fun to play. Sadly I need to see a doctor because my human nature is not going so well

Sorry if you feel the game is too hard... I forgot to change some value and I can't upload new version  right now. So if you are really unlucky...well, I'm truly sorry :(

Thank you!

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The way to shoot with the space shooter is a bit weird at the beginning but I got used to it. The background music really made a  huge difference.  I had a lot of fun playing it and made it to the ending without getting bored. Good job!

The game is really cool and fun to play! I hope you'll continue working on it and make a bgm

Overall, great job!

Hi, thanks for playing my game and giving me feedback! 

You are right, I also felt that when the game was half done, but I was focusing on fixing bugs so the game would be playable before the deadline. I'll continue work on it and try to make the art works more fit to the theme. Again, thanks for you comment!

Well done! this game is fun and polished.

My suggestion is, it might be even better if you add  buttons or text instruction for restarting and exit when game over. I downloaded the game directly from the game jam page and didn't  see the instruction in the actual game page, so it took me a while to figure out how to restart.