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very fun and funny! Loved the clicking to open locks 馃槅 the opening of the game is really funny and love the narration style 

had a great time playing your game! thanks for making it! 

we had so much fun playing this one!! nice work! 

had fun playing your game! Nice work! 

we had some fun with this one! nice work!

We really enjoyed this game! can't wait to see what the future holds! 

we enjoyed this one, its an awesome concept! 

We played this game, it was interesting, we prefer more choices in games and i know there are more endings, we really loved

the artstyle and look of the game as well.

we had some fun playing this, took us awhile to find the first key but after that it got a lot more fun!

We finished up the game, we had such a good time with this one! great work! 

we enjoyed this game, no dull moments for us! Part 2 will be out Friday! 

We checked it out, and we had a lot of fun with it! can't wait to see more from you in the future!

had fun playing your game! 

we enjoyed this one, thanks for making it! 

had fun playing this game! nice work!

We enjoyed this game a lot, nice work my on this game!

have to give you a 5 star rating! Loved the game!

Enjoyed this game, sorry about the title, we just didn't appreciate what happened to the dog. 

great work on this one. Loved the artstyle... We aren't the best at video games so ignore us missing the bell for a long time haha! 

was quite fun! Nice work! 

really enjoyed this one!!

We might have to go back and get a better ending but we really enjoyed your game!

Part one of our playthrough! Great work it was a lot of fun! cant wait for more chapters in the future! 

such a dope game!! nice work Jiva!

Can't wait to play this game! well maybe we already have, who knows! 

We loved the style of the game, you made some very creepy characters!

Loved this demo! the puzzles were very fun even tho it took us a minute to figure them out! Can't wait to see what the future holds for this one!!

we played this for our thanksgiving video, gave us some katamari vibes! nice work! 

we very much enjoyed playing your game!! thanks for making it! 

very fun game! We accidentally started the game before buying any weapons the first time so that was exciting! thanks for making it! 

we enjoyed the game, couldn't figure out all the endings, we refused to hurt the cat tho. great work on your game!

we enjoyed playing this one! great work!

we had so much fun playing this game!! great work!

We had so much fun playing this one! great work! 

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had so much fun playing this!It is the second game we played in the video tho! great job, wish more people played as the glass panels are impossible when being the only one! 

we had so much fun playing this and another similar game. the glass level didn't seem to work well when playing multiplayer tho.