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Commodore Plus

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a ti.

a ti por jugarlas

Thanks for the game !!!

Thanks for the c64 version !!!!

Amazing !!!! Thanks again.

thx for the c64 version !!!!!

Thx for this fun arcade !

What a pity.
Thanks for the reply

A very nice little adventure.
You should take advantage of the engine and make it longer.
Thx for it !!!!!!!!!!!

Thx for the reply.

I don't have the notions to be sure but I highly doubt that these 2 options will work. The cartridge would have to be made specifically for them to work.
Thank you very much too

Do you know it there's a way to test it on a real max machine?
I think it must be burned into a real cartridge.

Thx for the game !!!!!!

Thanks for the reply.

I know it's complicated but it's something that I would be excited to try and see if it's possible.

Flash it in an Easyflash I guess it's not possible

Thx for the Max Machine version.
How can it be played on real machine?

Absolutely fantastic.
Thank you

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It was the work of the whole team that made it possible


The c64 version is complete? I see that is showed as "experimental version"

Thanks for the work and this great compilation !!!!