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Thank you very much =D.

That would be an honour! Honestly, the only problem for me is to judge it evenly across all the platforms as I am not familiar with their capabilities fully, especially for BASIC. It would be great fun regardless!

Oh thanks <3. In case formatting doesn't work, feel free to grab it from - it's in summary.

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I noticed I forgot to include README doc that contains the code explanation in the zip file I sent to the contest. Anyways, README is available here:

Totally! I wonder how our projects could look in the end only if there would be a natural order etc. that the first design is always lost. Without forcing it, it's hard to imagine re-writing something when the first design just works.

Thanks, Saberman! Really appreciate your comment! That you're still on the post for all game releases (actually not only for C64!) is simply unbelievable! Gorące pozdrowienia! C64 wiecznie żywe!!!

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Oh no! But indeed nothing’s lost I guess as you might still have lot of fun “on the other side”. I’ve never been in jury but definitely it might be really fun thing to do as usually I like to  judge other games in any contest possible just for myself 🍉🙃.

Yes, this one! Impressing! Wait, deadline for Basic 10-Liners Contest was 2 days ago, 16th of March. Am I missing some other awesome contests happening in the meantime? ;)

Thanks ;). I was actually surprised it could be possible in BASIC. Waiting for a rasterline was key. Have you submitted something this year, Roman? I remember really enjoying your Lumberjack, and Boomjack especially. Also, was it your game by any chance with yet another bouncing ball jumping up from platform to platform? I am trying to find it for a while but no luck. I can think only of someone such talented as you who could make that one :).

Thanks a lot, Roman! This simple idea came to my mind one day, and I knew I have to try it out. It was fun making it, even though I lost the first version of it (see: Tricks and notes, point 4).

Thanks a lot for your kind words and supporting me by purchasing the 16k version!!! For the full version I planned to create a galaxy map where you strategically can choose easier or harder areas to conquer, and to add much more ships (not at once due to limitations but maybe to introduce something like a research lab). Also, I needed to cut out automatic turrets and engines installed on asteroids so they could be moved, especially when supernova is approaching. Let me know what sort of features would be interesting for you to see in the full version. Thanks again! Galaxy awaits to be conquered!

Thanks a lot for playing and reaching me out, much appreciated! I subscribed for both channels! I noticed you tried to find keys for strafe. "<" and ">" keys are used for it. And indeed, you can shoot only straight.

Hi! Just seeing your comment! I've found some time to generate and add tracklist for each volume on this page. Hope it's a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah,  have fun!

Thank you! During the development, I felt it's possible after finishing the first part with dungeon generation. However, it started to get more complex with all the conditions and exceptions quite fast. There are a few shortcuts and features cut out (e.g. different monsters), but I am glad the main roguelike concept fit in!

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Have you tried suggestion from the other comment, or loading instructions provided on this page? I actually developed this game on Vice 2.4 so it works 100%. Due to the size limit for this game (as it took part in the competition) some part of the code is displayed on the screen, so you have to type the loading instruction at the very top of the screen.

Thanks! I glad you like it. I think I will do one or two more ;).

Thaaaanks! And thanks for the video, you're always the first one <3

Nice game, it's a little bit like racing the beam, but not only horizontal rasterlines but also vertical ones! :D

Right :D. Game is ready and has been submitted to the competition. Now I can announce it that it will be released on ZZAP! 64 Micro Action Issue #10's cover disk, due for publication around September 27. Yay \o/.

Haha, yeah, good catch. Funny as this was a date proposed to me in a conversation with some magazine. Only later this afternoon while thinking of making a stream event for that release, I checked that this date doesn’t exist :). But I got some dates. So it might be released around 27th and I could do a stream 30th September. How does it sound?

Oh crap! So many funtrashtic games! Well done, everyone!

Honeystly, this game is so sweet! Love the comic-like indication that an apple will be dropped in a second. In the past it would be definitelly cracked by some demoscene group and released as "The Bear Essentials II" ;).

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I've noticed that after restarting the level, the behaviour gets a little bit funky. The fire button doesn't work immediately and you can pick up one thing and avoid combat with monsters. It works as long as I won't deliberately challenge any monster. I take this as the opportunity to get further in this game :D.

Fun game, so bad it didn't make it to the compo. It plays really well on the real thing! I love the atmosphere and graphic details, like skulls spread over the whole place. Once I went to the other location but the entrance to go back wasn't there. Not sure if this is a secret passage though!

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Really good one, well done, Roman :). And I am certain that you could do a Basic 10-liner version of this game that would play as smooth as this one.

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I have banned and removed selected comments from noggerinos (actually doing it for the first time ever) as his/her/their digressions were highly unrelated to the subject of this page, and disrespectful. I am also 100% for criticism and subjective views, but only when shared with the respect and a little culture.  We're all here to have a good fun, and no matter if our games are good or crap ("Craptastic" competition, coincidence?), everything can be said with a good taste and good intentions. Hopefully, I'm cutting the flame. I feel sorry that it happened here.

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What controls have you used? This game works with WASD and "," or "." for strafe. I don't know Hoxs64 but it works under Vice and on the real thing.

Thanks, C64 MASTERS! Love your comment. I want to make this game even more entertaining and balanced, something that wouldn't fit in 4kb. If you have any ideas, please throw them at me! Stay tuned and let me know if you managed to finish this level :).

Wow, such a nice comment! Thanks Jammet! I am going definitely to release the full game with many weapons, doors, secrets and tons of creatures and different locations! 4kb size limit was a great challenge, but the full version will contain spooky music, creature animations and more. Throw any ideas you like and stay tuned!

Nice! Glad you like it! Thanks for posting!

You're never tired of posting new games, when do you sleep? Keep the good work with your channel anyways :).

Oh I see what's missing. You ran the docs PRG file that is separated from the game (it wouldn't fit in 4k with the game). I have added the game file. Thanks for playing it!

Thanks Saberman! And thanks for the upload on your awesome channel! \o/

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Nice one! In my opinion, the difficulty on the very last level shows the best that the timing when the main character is falling is a little bit off. At least for me when playing on the keyboard with SPACE for a jump... But no matter if it's a keyboard or a pad, I feel that if this time could be slower just a tiny bit, mastering this game could be "more" possible. Otherwise, with the microseconds of a difference, it feels that you just need a little bit of luck by repeating the sequence of jumps. But it was a really fun game! I finished it in 17 minutes 13 seconds with 351 deaths :D and collected all items. In general, this is probably not a good result at all :D. Thanks for this fun game!

Nice entry, I like it!

I submitted Mathsticks 10 yesterday. Squeezing it in 10 lines was difficult, but 72 characters limit was super difficult :D. When I needed to fix randomisation, I dropped changing the colour of the border as I had no free space at all... and then I realized I can make some shuffling still and squeeze it back "between the lines"! This is what I love about 10-liners the most :D. Thanks for the competition, looking forward for playing other entries!

Gotcha, thanks Loudscotsbloke!

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Not sure I will be able to join and create something for C64 but would love to.

Before I will start thinking about it though, a quick one as the abbreviations rule is a little bit confusing for me, especially that C64 expands all abbreviations when listing a code. So, does the following example fits in the 72 characters with abbreviations allowed and even without space character after a line number?

5v=53280:pOv,0:pOv+1,0:?"this code takes 72 characters only per line!!!"

Just asking as I got it wrong when submitting my first 10-liner ever game for the Basic 10Liner competition a few months ago in the PUR-80 category. I actually did a "SUPER" or "CLEAN" PUR-80 as my code was fitting in 80 characters per line without abbreviations :D. A lot of sweat but was still worth it :).

Awesome game, I cannot wait!! Keep doing it!