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Commando 2k

A member registered Jul 03, 2020

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ok so i figured out when the VR weirdly puts you out of view to hit the enter button to start it, but as far as i can tell the only controls are keyboard based, how the hell am i supposed to see what key to hit when i have VR goggles on my face? lol no xbox controller or touch controller support, its a shame, with proper controls for VR this would be pretty incredible i got eaten twice and it was scary, but constantly having to remove my goggles to put my fingers on the proper keys destroys how immersive it is

I have to say, I'm stunned at the artistic, immersive cyberpunk world you've created from the music to the noir feel it's quite remarkable, can't wait for story missions to be added as it develops. I laughed hysterically at the fact that Charlie from Lost is a pleasure android in one of the apartments lol. at the beginning after you check in with the deputy and get your firearm, where do you go to do the psych evaluation or has it not gotten that far?

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I downloaded it, got it to work in VR, but no amount of button pressing on my touch controllers, my wired xbox controller, or the key board seems to move me, it just loads me behind the JP explorer, I can kinda see the T rex moving on the other side but it does not load like in the youtube videos and gives me no options to start the game, what am I doing wrong?