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How do I find the save file? I really want to have a look at it.

How do I transfer projects from one version to another?

To create a bit group hover over where you add inputs/outputs and press '+' or '-' which will add an input to the group. Also, I agree the vertical bus line visuals would be nice.

Wdym gats?

Things that would be super helpful:

A way to clone projects. 

A way to rename and delete projects.

A way to rename, delete and edit chips. 

A way to transfer projects from a current version to a newer version of the simulator. 

A way to remove and move inputs/outputs.

A way to share projects.

A way to have multiple workspaces for one project. For example there could be tabs at the top and like one workspace I could be working on one thing  and in another I could be working on something else. 

Expandable work area for big projects.

Things that would just be nice:

Having it as a proper application. I mean like you could give it its own installer and it could be in the start menu. Stuff like that.

If you could do all these things that would be wonderful.