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The character of Dalia got blacked out during the "western rome vs eastern rome" episode. Which option did i choose wrong?

I think it's gonna be called ver. 1.3, not 2.0

Komisari what can be the expected file size of chapter 1 ?

My storage is going under trauma after realising the prologue was 9 gb.

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Give me one good reason not to report you. I'll wait.

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Original has all images in original quality. Compressed is just images with lower resolution.

Try installing via itch website

Komisari I just wanted to appreciate the fact that you made most of the straight guys over here feel sexually attracted to Jimmy.

This game is the best of any genre I've played

At midnight luna can be found in your bedroom, at night luna is on the rooftops of the market . During afternoon (i think) at the extra rooms

The renpy game engine, along with koikatsu for the anime characters

I'm gonna pretend I did not see that

Thanks !

Could you send an screen shot of where the room is?

Factory reset if you are desperate

Sorry for late reply, but the room just hangs and is unresponsive

The actions button only works if you have unlocked the scene

Well once you download the latest ver. , you will need to transfer the saves from the previous ver. to new ver. It should be in the saves folder of the game

Yep. As far as I remember, it was simple maths and some history

Some people over here have waited for more than a year, so ...

People don't pay the devs because they make a good game, they donate so that they can get some porn scenes with these anime waifus. I just started watching anime and this game ruined my will to see animes.

Mate just look at the thumbnail of both games and tell me in the eye that these are not made by same person

My Hero Rising ? I think I have seen it but never bothered to check it out.  I love every single game no matter how stupid or bad designed it is. But with how easy it is to get a girl naked, I added an exception. I think it also says "dating sim" but we all saw how it went out, right ? If it's a fucking dating sim, why doesn't the dev actually make it a dating sim ?

P.S. - It is. The artwork is just duplicate.

P.P.S - Another game "Hero's Harem Guild" I better : Made by a dev who cares about his community, and makes amazing games.

Where is lucy's workshop ?

Hopefully within late 2022

oh ok

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To sum it up , devs I am asking you to make the game a bit more interesting by change dialogue. You just can't ask a girl the kiss you and then after 2 days ask her to become naked (the truth is always hard). Add like an affection meter and perhaps some special scenes (not all scenes have to be nsfw, some could be some cute sfw lust point building scenes). Add character traits, emotions and personalities. Most of us watch anime because of how well desribed the character is. When the character is said, we sometimes feel sad too. When the character is happy, the entire anime becomes joyful. Read some guides on how to write stories and make good characters. It make the make the game really popular and enjoyable.

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*spoiler* Imagine this: You are waiting for a train to arrive and instead of boarding the train, you go and get crushed by it. Till here the game is okay and fine, but after that the conversations, i.e. most important part of a visual novel just becomes cringe. The mc somehow knows everything to do, knows everyone, etc etc. This game could have been amazing if you had made it go in stages and a bit longer. Not just "do whatever the fuck you want". Add like an assistant or something who will help you through the game. Also make the intro a bit longer cuz this hass gotta be the most lame intro ever. A lot of people will be willing to help you make the game better. Fix some sentences, and make the game a bit more saturated. Other than that artwork is amazing. 

Ok thanks.. btw is that pfp a reference to caribdis ?


I don't use koikatsu or anything, but what is it? Searching on google just says "eroge game" but images show a character creator. Very confused

Allow me to rephrase, I actually meant:

I don't think Komisari is remaking the models. 

I don't think he said that. He only said :

Hello! Yes, they are definitely Koikatsu animations. But prepare for v0.1.3, because Chapter 1 and future chapters will contain ONLY custom animations made by me! uwu <3

he said animations, not chracters. I don't think he will be able to make it. Not saying he's not capable, but a 1 man team can't really do everything, right?

I think Komisari mentioned something about koikatsu in the loading screen.

Komisari some doors just do nothing when clicked. I know I have not unlocked them, it just makes the game feel like it is lagging a lot.

Also do the same for the characters in the "spend time" option. It just feels like mildy infuriating when the game just reloads the screen but does nothing.

In both of these scenarios just give a notification "Mate that's unlocked" or something.


Worth the wait 

In v.0.12 (current) the game uses a high amount of RAM. Hence your crashes

Where is this location ? I got Lucy to lvl 10 but never encountered this location...

"Touch some grass" I don't think he needs to do it, I mean after all do you touch the floor of your house for no reason?

 This has got to be the best insult I have seen in my life. Teach me sensei.