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this is really lovely....just very nice and fun and funny and sweet....really improved my mood :)

actually so sick you have no idea (well i guess you do you made it)

oh cool dude happy to hear it i really enjoyed this one

i'll be honest i just spent like 10 minutes playing around with the start screen and all the dust stuff

nice but would be nice if you added a "themself" option where it says "himself" and "herself"

really liked this great job dud

ohhh my godddd i love this game i wish i had money to give this shit ruless

uh doesn't seem like a problem for anyone else so it might just be me being stupid or something....but when i click the "type your own name" box, i can't type anything and can't delete the actual text that says "type your own name"

actually so sick definitely will be looking out for future update

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cuuute 10/10

this was great the story, love the writing, especially love the character designs even if they're just placeholders they look cool.....can't wait for the next public release

damn dude this was so good...i'm definitely saving this somewhere so i can happily rediscover it in the future (btw i really love this font im having great fun just typing this lmao)

i would die for jørgen without question.....and bjørn....and mikko and lake etc etc

actually so sick

WOOO I LOVE BURROWS VN...god this newest update was so good hiro is probably my favourite route so far (they're all so amazing tho) i can't wait for more....this is quickly rising in the ranks of my favourite VNs definitely in my top 5

man i wish i had a ghost friend

damn that was an amazing story and it got me absolutely right

it's great it really is but the lack of UI is a little the lack of a rewind function or a menu is not my preferred VN format but the game itself is excellent

christ that was good....great fun i'll definitely be doing more playthroughs

i idek...found the smoke room a few months ago and quickly found this and arches too....played flynn's route and carl's route and dropped it for a while....last few weeks i played tj's, leo's, and now i just finished jenna's....honestly i feel feels like i just lost a whole family when the credits rolled. like my life is done and i dont have anything good anymore...its a great game but im so fucking sad its over....they all felt so real my friends or my enemies or my creepy voices in my head....i dont know what im gonna do now.....probably play route 65 and the new update for TSR....i cant shake the feeling that i'm never gonna recover from this....shit im being overdramatic its just a game...but jesus

damn, that was nice...real nice.....i wasn't in a good place a few hours ago when i found this game and downloaded it...and now i'm done and i feel a lot better....just as i'm writing this i've realised that i dont feel sad after finishing the game like i normally do...and thats not a bad reflection on the game at all, quite the opposite...i think fulfilment is roundabout the right word for what i feel rn....nice


love the new update but the mother in the greyfold hotel (cant remember name) no longer exists and i have to go all the way back to nogas to fully heal for free

this was funny and really enjoyable..and .so incredibly beautiful....i'm crying rn....i dont think i have anything else to say

this has been a really fun experience and jesus is the artwork beautiful....definitely some of my favourite character models in any VN

fuckin great game.....can't wait for the full one.....I definitely have my favourites *cough cough* Harley and Parker *cough cough* (jude comes close second (third??))  but I love all of them and also really love the player of the few games that i actually have an opinion of the player character in instead of just "me"

honestly this is one of my favourite text games i’ve ever played i cant wait for the next update

pretty sick ngl....tent can step on me....well i guess he cant but u know what i mean

great craic. love mori. good game