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oh, thanks! this helps a lot, i wasn't buying guns because i thought the gun would be done with once the ammunition was out. we didnt record anything after the first video because of finals, surgery, and stress, but im definitely forcing fel to play again because i very much want to ride that motorcycle !!!!

I made my friend play this and we both really liked it (even if im bad at it).  Great game and super funny! 

My friend and I are playing this game and we are mega addicted to it! Had to stop a little over an hour in after the first txt message part though,  and now we're scared of what's gonna happen once we get back into it :0 (wish we read the character profiles before starting whoops) 

Hi, my friend and I played this and we absolutely love it!! The graphics are great and really did it in for me (also sorry i am so bad at your game).

sorry for the late reply, thank you :0

i livestreamed this game last night :0 i really enjoyed it, but i couldn't fnish it due to my utter failures at opening a jail cell door :V

i feel bad b/c i actually forgot if i posted this link or not, and like i just want to. anyway, loved the game and how it always made me what to crap myse;f :0

joined the train of this game (but like the butt of the train b/c i'm very late :0) i can say i was shook about 97% of the time

I played your guys' game :0 was pleasantly (not really) surprised a different monster bashing my face in rather than a naked man in a Jason mask! :> completely mortifying