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hi, i love the game. thats all. also im BITTER that my dino cant support the game, so this is so sad.

okay, i really love the game tho. i cant AIT to see what else is added!!

finally, a polyam visual novel that doesnt make me feel uncomfy or feels forced. thank you very much, this cured me of my depression fora whole-ass night. thank you. 

honestly i didnt even know it was a poly game, so thanks for the surprise ! also, happy pride month babes

is there a problem good sir

thanks ! i thought she looked a lil simple, but i honestly love her anyway. im kinda into minimal stuff, so its nice that shes kinda simple, heh

wow this was so gay. me too

lol, dunno what her name is yet, but i love this funky gal a lot

how dare you make dangonronpa references. im OFFENDED. (not really this game if gr8 and i love this loser and her adorable cat-bot.)

hi, this almost made me cry !! especially when erikagotharuhergiftyourekillingme. this game ??? fantastic. i love these pretty funky gals !!!

okay, i love this game ??? first off, i just love it what did you expect some sort of rating ?? this is just Gay and i love it and the characters are vygbuhjnk