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Coma Harmonium

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wanna team up? i'm an artist.

Contact moi: 

discord :  Coma Harmonium#0807

thank you very much !

swallow your ego! 

make something small ! 

Dare publish unfinished work! 

Good luck ego is strong !


Low stress , learning, fun.

I've made about 10 game jam and I want to make a simple VERY Game.

discord: Coma Harmonium#0807


I'm intressted too!

280! Do I win ?


nice ! I like the polish.


are you a 3d artist ?do you want to jam with me ?

red !

Plz can some one help me!! I gonna make a 3d game during this jam but I need help!Every one is welcome !

If you are beginner plz come you could help me ! plz oh my god !


lol !


hi ! wazzuup ?! let's go crazy ! let's fuck design and just stack => assets/code and see what append ... ? are you in for a crazy jam ?

hi i'm looking for mates to jam with !

-About 5 jam so far

-Main Skills : 3d art, , writting.

-noob at: coding, 2d ,git...


this game is great (previous version was better but I can figure out what make the previous one more fun , maybe this one is too easy and too short...) imo you should compare this version with the previous one because something brake during the update... sorry I can tell you what but I play alot (more 20h) and I strongly prefer the previous version ! good game tho!

thx very much !

source code link / sorry i'm noob I struggle to export games...

just a basic Door/Key puzzle but keys are books and doors are methaphorical "door" => fear, ingnorance, illusion

To make it cool go light on coding and game mechanics but hard on writting and art !

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hi! let's jam! 

top 3 skills :
1- blender 3d
2- music
3- godot engine


Discord: Coma Harmonium#0807


hi we are looking for a composer! Your music is great  me and my team nee great music to support the story we wanna tell... can we chat a kittke bit Iloh!

Hi I'm looking for team


SkillZ: 3d (blender),music, and a bit of programming

Dm me !  
DISCORD :Coma Harmonium#0807


Ps: no pressure just fun and learning...

wow! Great music !

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Look nice ! ;) is dedicated to 3d model ...

my discord Coma Harmonium#0807

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Hi who wanna do the wild jam with me ?


-Artist 3d (b3d)  * * * *
-Artist 2d * *
-Music * * *
-management * *

-marketing  :(
-story telling * *
-Game design *
-Dyslexia *
-Motivation  * * * * *
*stats are just mere self evalutation.


DM me !

My plan : to let make freedom design the game ...

do you guys need a 3d artist / musician / writter ? (I do voice acting too ... !

Discord: Coma Harmonium#0807

from paris Gmt+2 (french native speaker)


Hi my name is Coma!
I'm : 3d artist  - Musician - Writter
From Paris GMT+2

Hi everyone! I look for motivated people to team up with. This is my 4th jam and I've alreday done a little bit of team management !


discord: Coma Harmonium#0807


Hi I'm Coma Harmonium. (GMT+2)

I'm a French (Paris)  3d ARTIST

Looking for a Team to jam with...

I can also do music, sfx, voice over, and got A LOT of game design ideas (realistics ideas).

I am Highly motivated so don't hesitate and dm me ....See you soon!


Disocrd: Coma Harmonium#0807

thx for feedback! well was the first time we team up so part of jam was figuring how to manage to ship something ... But I share your opinion, if we ad some kind of effect (postprocessing,music...) it could add a better game feel! cya

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Hi i look for a GODOT programmer to team up and make a 3d game for the jam !!

link to my portfolio :

disocord: Coma Harmonium#0807

bye cya

great ! I do wanna try this game ! gg