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nevermind, we fixed it :3

our screen is much smaller than it should be, we will fix it in the morning

this was sooo fun! i loved playing! the potion throws where so well designed

this is sooo fun! such a pleasant game

its kinda fun and the right amount of difficulty although if you get used to the sipper movement, you cant lose.

sweet game.

Nice game, its fun. Would like the world a bit bigger.

yeah couldnt fix the jump xD thanks!

O my god this is so good! small and without much of a role for you to play but the atmosphere was so chilling!! I loved it! just wow dude that made it just wow. Art is a masterpiece too

its a nice game but its not that good to make the enemies separate colors and the candy is the same color as the spider. Cute art what so ever!

I couldnt move when i got the elevator from the 1st floor...

just press enter haha sorry we updated it and it is fine now