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A fun and quirky game, with some nice low poly models! I like the fact you kept it simple, but maybe next time make sure to add in some player instructions as I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing! The music is very good too.

Doesn't appear to be working!

This game is really well thought out and put together, I totally love the whole rewinding time concept, reminded me of playing portal! Cracking job guys!


Just started up a project so whacked out a good 20 models before getting started in UE4, to make sure it would work beforehand I did test a couple by importing into a blank UE4 project and all was fine, but today it didnt want to play ball.

I selected the .obj model I wanted to import & imported it but the texturing was all wrong (One instance, my rubble model for a broken stone brick tower imported with a metal texture?) This is happening with all my models as far as I can see, the model imports but come with the wrong textures.

Currently trying to figure out the issue, I've been able to fix a few but I have no idea how, wondering if anybody has run into anything similar?