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Thanks :)

A while ago, I made a couple of CG characters. I think would be cool to use in a VN. Can I use these character models? They weren't intended to be  game models for any particular purpose, they're just models of my OC's.

Looking forward to participating!


yeah, sorry- that's the overlay. i can't figure out how to remove it :( future games will have a work-around!

really cool, but im completely stuck at the final 2 puzzles at the top haha

Sorry to hear that! future games will have a save feature. I might update this game to have one as well!

scope has around 18k

Clay-Scape has around 11k

soup-a-scape has around 8k

ms paint escapers 0 has around 6-7k

consider that maybe the red color indicates missing space...

You should check out the game "SCOPE" by STUDIO L00K- It's a much longer game that I made earlier this year.

if you try hard enough... anything is possible.

you must rotate it in the order given by the rotating head

Thank you for your let's play! :)

good catch! I will fix this bug when the game jam voting period is over!

Can you not use firefox?

Haha! thank you!

I am aware of this bug, but I'm debating leaving it in because it's kinda cute :)

Thanks for playing!

try using a different browser (edge, firefox, google chrome)

sorry you're having issues!

lol! what a pleasant bug. I'll be sure to patch the game to ensure his agonizing death remains permanent :)


I uploaded it on the itch page. will it show up when people play it for the jam?

is that against the rules? 

let me know and I can revert the change!

thanks! glad you enjoyed!

Thank you for making these!!



try taking a second look at the big board with all the buttons...

I discovered an issue with my game that makes it unplayable on certain browsers. How can I upload a patch? No content changes, just ticking a box in the output settings!

Any help would be appreciated!

cool :)

(1 edit)


check the directions you turn in the tunnel

An easy mode has been added :)

looks like someone has you covered:

Thank you!!


Love that voice

sorry to hear that... I may add an alternate puzzle in the future, as I have received this feedback from a few people.

Thank you for playing though!

I uploaded a fixed version, the framerate problems should be fixed


really nice!

A classic.

wow! really cool. I loved it!

I think it's kind of hard to judge how much damage your attacks will do, though. what's the formula?

when I was going to "deal 1 damage" sometimes I dealt 3, sometimes 4.


yes, unfortunately, I accidentally hard coded the size into the game logic. ): 

very cute :)