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I hope to do more claymation in the future

Thank you for enjoying! :)



the red hearts have an invisible arrow pointing to the left. it's revealed by the projector. you have to make a path to connect the green arrows

good job :)! yes, I intend to make more games. stay tuned!

:) nice!

Warren Sharp on X: "there is not a more perfect use for this meme" / X

take a look at the painting of the purple squares


check the board with all the buttons

cute :) great job!

no you're not! :)

so cute!! I really liked this! :) Keep up the good work!

Thanks! :)

Try the pumpkin :)

Main Character: Cole (they/them)
Princess: Princess Clayvian (she/her)
Wizard: Kwiz (he/him)
Robot: Big Bill
Knight: Draug Liaj (he/him)

Good luck with your assignment! :)

Thanks! :)

:)! good job!

nice job! :)

thank you! :)

Love these renders!


Thank you! :)

Thank you for enjoying! :)

just started playing- the music goes hard

thanks! <3

honestly not even that matters...

Spoilers below:

The arrow points FROM a color, TO another color. if the arrow is pointing TO red, it's coming FROM white.

However, there may be a circle below/above the arrow! Remember that this means to rotate the arrow 90 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise. Rotate the arrow, then figure out what it's pointing to.


The game doesn't let you solve the blue hoops puzzle until you look at the "goose + egg" clue (located on the periodic table) AND put the hat onto the goose face.

their name is Cole :)

did you inspect the periodic table in the lab?

correct :) sorry if this caused any grief!

ty! Yes, I will continue :)

it is indeed a bug- it should be fixed soon! sorry about that.

interesting. I'll look into it!

thank you!!