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Sondre Agledahl

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I shall - how can I send it to you?

Hi, hope all is well, Paul ;) Have added you as an admin and contributor of the game.

Exellent; thanks for making that clear.

Really love the looks of Soluna's Secret. Definitely want to play if you end up finishing it!

Hey; Sondre here.

Computer science student at University College London, and obviously deeply into all things gamedev (especially weird ROM hacks).

Really happy to be a part of the contest. And many thanks to Grads In Games for putting it together - it is a great opportunity (not to mention nice motivation to sit down and actually ship a game ;)).

Hope to see all of you the showcase event April!

I'm sure many of us are wondering the same thing here, so thought I'd bring it up:

To what extent are we allowed to use existing assets in our project?

For example, are we allowed to use Creative Commons-licensed images and sound created by other people in our game? What about prefabs or scripts from the Unity Asset store (free or paid)? Can we re-use assets from other projects we've made ourselves?

And if we do use existing assets, should we cite our sources for these somewhere in our project?

Thanks for clarifying.