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Colonel Thorn

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I really enjoyed this second episode. I really liked the use of different scenes on this one. I made another play through and thought I'd drop you a link.

Thank you for such a relatable game. As someone who has been working 11-13hr shifts and coming home to work on YouTube stuff I am exhausted. Haha. The game is really fun and I love the storyline I played. I felt that the head butting control might need a bit of tweeking but perhaps I just didnt know what I was doing. That tends to happen! Thanks again for an enjoyable, heart warming game.

I truley loved this game and await more with great anticipation. Thinking back I can't think of any constructive criticism, it was well thought out, the jump scares were good and the game itself is super atmospheric. Can't wait to play the next one when I have time and more after that!

This game was fantastic! Part of me wishes the puzzles' difficulty levels went up a bit more graduay but otherwise it was great. Even succeeded in jump scaring me.

Hello. Firstly I would like to say thank you for such a colourful and peaceful game. For that aspect I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I didnt get on with the controls and with my adjustments I just made it worse, haha. I made a let's play if you would be interested in watching it.

This was a great game! I really enjoyed it, no matter how creepy, haha. Looking back I should have explored more but I was really invested. I made a let's play if anyone is interested! 

Thank you for a fun little game, great for a few funny moments. With a few tweeks I think it could be even better, e.g. perhaps some background music and perhaps death could be a little less vocal. Here's a let's play if you are interested: 

I had a lot of fun playing this game and destroying the office. I hope to see more from you soon! 

I really enjoyed this short game and hope to see more in the future. Here's a let's play if you are interested! 

This was a beautiful game. Beautiful arts, beautiful story, and it has such a deep meaning. I hope this game will help people to keep fighting. I recorded some of my gameplay, here is a link if anyone is interested: