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This game taught me about how hard headed and stupid I really am. Watch at your own risk.

Pretty cool game, Creepy, Fun, and definitely GreenLight worthy.

Intentional or not it was really cool, and I'm 100% on board for the kickstarter campaign. Can't wait for the full game!

Endoras Box community · Created a new topic WOW!

This game is REALLY cool. It has Interesting Characters, Cool Mechanics, and a lot of Personality. Plus on top of all of that it has really awesome secrets hidden in the game. To say the very least, I love this game!

(P.S. here's a video if anyone cares to see the secrets)

This game is amazing! Its unique, it's mysterious, and its fun to play. I can't wait for chapter 2 and I hope this turns into the game series it deserves to be.

RUIN community · Created a new topic Game Review and Video

This game was well put together, but could still use a lot of work. See my full review in the video (keep in mind that I'm not bashing the game in anyway. I'm just providing some constructive criticism.)