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Colin Norwich

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I love games like this! As PoofyGaming said below, Metroidvania games are some of the best games around and this game is incredible! I like that there is a scoring system, collecting spiders, counting deaths (Makes for great challenges with friends)!  The game is challenging enough where you can figure out what your doing quickly but not get overly angry at dying, and normally the deaths are enjoyable enough where I laugh at them because they are totally my fault!

Honestly, going in I didn't know what to expect, but once I got going in the game I was immensely surprised and extremely satisfied by the end of my playthrough.  I love games where you can just sit down and just play.  Games that don't take much to do, no major story to go through, no character development... Just a game to play! And this was a treat and I'm so happy I came across it and am very impressed that it was made in 3 days.  I could only dream of being able to concoct some wizardry and make something like this in a year, let alone three days! Excellent!

This was an extremely satisfying game! The concept was so simple yet the tasks were difficult and I love that it is completely randomized each time you play.  Do I dare play on the toughest difficulty or even..... custom settings!!! Great job! This is one of my favorites in a long time!