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Created a new topic Share your shark game here!

You can share your shark game at this here!

Suggestions i will say:

1: Event Route: 1st "The Fate Of Study"

2: Achivements: Get 90 love pts. if you complete a achivement!(NOTE: ACHIVEMENTS ARE EASY, BUT ACHIVEMENTS ARE SOMETIMES HARD!)

3: Help Feautre: Same in renpy.

Created a new topic Youtuber Space

Share your Youtube Videos here!

Created a new topic Kisame's Shark Land

Kisame: omg there are many my water clone.

Just a suggestion i guess.

Okay, like the topic on Renai, Renpy forum, you need to search anything that includes the change textbox feautre(including the "choice").

4 time spamming would get you banned, so dont make caos.

Created a new topic There is br of Naruto Online

Relase the BR Version of Naruto Online there is the site of BR Naruto Online.

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Hello, should it will have the event feautre? the first one is daily bonus event called "OUR FIRST DAY AT NIGHT!".

1: 90 Love PTS.

2: Love PTS. choice (1: 20, 2: 70(for 60 coins!))

3: 100 Love PTS.

4: Extra of the event "OUR FIRST DAY AT NIGHT!"

5: 100 Love PTS.

Leave the game for PT/BR