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Colin Kiama

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Weapon 2 is OP!

Wow, I don't think anybody will get higher than this 😂. Congrats!

The lighting is great and the music really sets the mood.

I really like that the game gives you the freedom to move wherever you'd like to go. It let's you suffer the consequences for your actions!

Best part of the game for me is definitely the enemy death sound effect! xD

Nice one!

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Very cool game (get it? lol). I like the music and sound effects a lot!

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I definitely agree that this game can be incredibly unforgiving, sometimes even impossible.

I wanted the game to be challenging (like games created by dotGears) but from the feedback I've received, I've taken it a bit too far 😂.

That said, there are strategies you can use to put yourself into positions where you can react in time. Highest score I've seen so far is: 29.

Thanks for playing!