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I have no ideas what buttons do what or what to do with the floating plank? or the floating hammer?  A tutorial or some button control layouts would be amazing :)

There is either a problem with your computer or your internet as i downloaded the game in a minute.

Just wanted to make a post because the idea popped into my head while playing the game. "The display racks extend out so much further than the actual weapon, I wish i could stock items there." The thought that came into my mind. I don't keep up to date on what other people have already said but, has there been ideas or posts about being able to throw weapons onto the display racks to have customers come in and buy weapons from right off the wall? The other idea that came as I thought that was to implement people you could hire that would enable you to sell the items while you are not there, or making more weapons at the forge. As in, weapons on display racks will only be sold if you have a person hired to sell said weapons. Instead of a wage based employee maybe make a profit reduction on all sold items. This system would really not be useful at the moment as only one customer comes to your store at a time. If there were mobs of customers that would randomly come in, say, there is a random event as in Slaying a Dragon, many more people would come in to stock up on weapons. Thus making overstocking weapons profitable.