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Au passage, m'sieur Vandermaesen, serait-il imaginable de faire un pack d'assets avec les personnages ? Je suis sur un projet minimaliste et il y a quelques personnages qui m'intéressent beaucoup.

Certainement l'un des meilleurs jeux au monde, un plaisir pour les yeux et les oreilles ! Je l'ai vu plusieurs fois en stream et je compte les jours qui me séparent de la sortie officielle !

This is so inspiring ! I really love it ! Instant buy !

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This pack is awesome ! I don't know how i haven't seen it before ! I come here every day. This is one of the best assets packs i have ever seen ! I know it is free but take my money XD
Congratulations !

amazing !

Hi ! First of all, thanks for this amazing site... but there's a problem, as to me. It would be so nice to distinguish games from assets easily with a border or something else (sorry for my poor english).

Great news !

No paypal ?! I can't buy it without paypal... so sad !

Really beautiful ! I'm in love with this pack !

No problem, and beautiful art ;)

I have clicked on "assets" and i've seen this ;)

looks like a trolling assets pack

Great style ! I love it ! I will buy it if i managed to release a game ;)

Oh yeah, i've delete the game because there were some lag and i've changed the resolution... this game is not finished yet ;)

Great, but i'll will follow you there from april ;)

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Instant buy =D So nice ! Any chance to see monsters in a next pack ?

wow... your best one (as to me, of course) just amazing and inspiring ! 

Thanks a lot for your help and informations ;)

Beau, concept simple mais efficace, prise en main immédiate... je m'incline respectueusement !

Thanks a lot for this answer !

Is it possible for us to do that or we have to wait that Itch switch to the new api ?

two posts for the same problem, that's certainly the reason

Yeah, we need an answer... even if the answer is just "we are looking for a solution" =D

Hi, i have the same issue

Wow... i don't need this kind of assets at this moment but this is just AMAZING !

Thanks, i wish i could make some amazing pixel art tilesets like you !

Aaaaah, encore du 32x32 et à nouveau un cran au-dessus, tu maîtrises =D On en veut d'autres !

Cette plus petite définition te réussit ! Il est superbe ! Non pas que les autres ne sont pas bien mais celui-ci est un cran au-dessus ! N'hésite pas à en faire d'autres de cette taille !

Most amazing pixel art city background on itch !

Thanks for the bundle ;) very nice and inspiring work !

Merci beaucoup ;)

Thanks ;)

A masterpiece !

Wooooooooow, you are back ! I was talking about your assets yesterday.

Welcome back, very happy to see you again, you have something special that I was missing !

Great... i have the cat, the bird, the mouse... let's make a game now =D

Woooow... amazing ! Now we need monsters !

C'est bluffant, quel travail !