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this was cool as heck! first game ive played in a while. i had to remove my earbuds because the sound was scaring me lol

This game is absolute GOLD. Nika was the sweetest little girl ever. I got the "good" and "true" endings, not sure if there were more or not.


Jeez, that was so fun! Thank you so much for making that game!

well, that was interesting. i got the only 2 endings I'm aware of- the bad ending and the one where you watch the process.

I absolutely loved that game. Gorgeous! I want to be friends with them. They seem nice but lonely.

heh that was nice :)

This was so cool! Great job <33

Oh my god. Stop. This was SO SWEET. Yall did an amazing job <3

I could feel the fear of the person being raped in game; I've luckily never have had  to deal with sexual assult, which I'm very thankful for, and this game has really opened my eyes. The general assumption, or idea of rape is a woman flailing about and attempting to escape her attacker, but in reality, rape is often done by someone you thought you trusted, like a family member or close friend. Someone you thought you were safe with. Thank you for sharing this. You are very brave. 

This game is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not transgender, but it really helped me see into the eyes of a trans person. I hope I can be more considerate of trans & non binary people.

This was so short and cute! I love how the hand started shaking after. Great job! I actually played it in exactly 2 minutes!

damn dude them ass cheeks were on fLEEEK

ooo, that was cool!

THAT WAS SO COOOOOL I HAD NO IDEA IT COULD OPEN UP NOTEPAD LMAOOO I actually got scared when the red window popped up lul. This is really making me think abt what i install, because if a literal itch game could do that to my computer, imagine what an actual virus could do lmao. tysm for this game!!!


EEEEEEEEEEe that was so cool!!! Great job!

dude, this game is GORGEOUS. THE STORYLINE, THE ART, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. The full game is already out by the time im commenting, but I don't have enough money to buy it right now :) thank you so much for making the demo free! I loved it! <33

that was so cool lul <3 good job!

aa very good!

Loved it! Great job <33

Dude, I can't even. That was SO COOL. I can't help but think, had they let the woman in,  nothing bad would've happened. 

aaa that was so cool! My user for my pc is somehow set as my name, but missing a few characters, so I was able to tell that you must've just looked in the settings or something. Good job!

This was such a cool game! Good job :)

ehhh how do you go full screen

dude i literally keep having to watch tutorials for certain parts of this game because I'm so damn stupid. I cannot complete any damn games because im so idiotic. I'm seriously starting to wonder if something is wrong with me. It's not just these games. It's all puzzel games.


these are amazing :) good job!! tysm for this game.

fucking broke me. i have a hole in my heart.

this was an absolutely delightful and funny game :D

very... unique game :] liked the ending

Yanno... being in his realm for all of eternity really doesn't sound too bad ;)

This would honestly be a great game if i wasnt too stupid to play it....

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So, the lady is obsessed with houseplants, pretty much. and !! SPOILER IF U HAVENT FINISHED THE GAME- !! 

She starts to go kinda bonkers and a plant starts growing out of her ears and out of her drain and everything. That's where its sort of scary.

I really, really like this game :D

The true beginning end is my absolute favorite. I mean, Nil and I are a couple. and its sort of like space is our daughter... or sister. Something like that. Absolutely love it <3

dude i absolutely fucking loved this. fantastic game

this is the fucking saddest thing. i got all the endings... its... so fucking sad, dude. depending on the path you take, theres selfharm/sucicide, btw. Just a warning. Fucking amazing game