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Well, first of all, I like the UI a lot, though I think I'd probably like it more on my actual phone instead of my pc.
The monsters are cute, but I'd like to be able to do more with them.
Soundtrack is obviously fantastic.
Overall, congrats on getting this out, It's early so most criticisms I could throw at it aren't really relevant yet.

Though there's an extra kernel of humor there for the idea of making a gacha-idle game since most actual Gacha games are basically just idle games anyway.

Yeah it doesnt really change much, but I fixed it, theres supposed to be 3 characters per playstye, and SAUZ is in the "Shield" mode.

yep thats the one lol.

Technically the green guy isnt supposed to be on that mode but he is for one reason.

well, was the green guy in touch of death mode or shield mode? Cause when I was going through modes I noticed for some reason it allows SAUZ to be in TOD mode.

I think you just made me find a bug lol.

Very impressive...

but in what mode???

np I'm glad you like it, sorry it took so long.

(It originally was going to be longer but I ran out of time lol)

Guns let you shoot up, which lets you get the moneybags from the landslide rocks if you turn that on. but it might need more balancing.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

"javascript has killed us all"
I agree.