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Interesting idea! Looking forward to it! :)

❤ for everyone who remembers Inherit the Earth!

Don't worry, this is not the bandit camp you're looking for :) There's more!

Thanks for reporting!

Will look into this!

What's a "Derg"?

Not in the demo.

Full game? Probably yes! :)

Thanks! I'm using Godot Engine with C#.

Hi, there are no plans for modding right now.

Can confirm the game is incredibly fun and there is no time travel.

Hey, thanks for your feedback! I'm happy you had fun with the game so far!

Fast travel between specific spots in the world will come eventually. Once the world grows in size :)

I agree that choosing your character's species would be great and I'd love to do that. However it requires a lot of work with a completely different kind of storytelling. So right now the focus is really getting all the core mechanics in the game and then, depending on the popularity of this demand, reconsider character customization.

LOVE! Thank you so much! So happy you're enjoying the game!

Oh my god, someone remembers this gem of a game and then your avatar! ♥

Yes, the game world is inspired by Inherit the Earth. You'll also recognize it right in the beginning 😉
The gameplay not so much, however.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

Thanks! There is no dedicated key for diagonal movement. You can walk around diagonally by pressing two directions at once but the first step will always be horizontal or vertical.

Thank you!

- Oh, yeah. This skill is a summoning skill and you can't cast it on an enemy directly. You cast it on a free tile and in the next turn the eagle will charge the enemy (if reachable). I'm sorry the skill description is not clear here. Also summoning doesn't work in the village.

- I see. That's a great idea! However it will not make it into Colmen's Quest as I consider it done by now :) I will consider this option for my next game though! Thanks!

Thank you so much! Makes me really happy that you had fun with Colmen! Will try my best to top that with the next game 😊

It's a self-made engine written in JavaScript (ReactJS).

If you're interested in this topic you can learn more about it here:

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The "^ Predator" entry in the list is actually not a guy... It's just a default entry marking the point where the scores get "pretty good". However, you're doing great! You really need to explore the map to find the best hunting grounds and powerups. You wont get above 2000 by only chasing sheeps, that's for sure :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Regarding the executable: In Godot's export dialog there is an option "Embed Pck". Make sure it's checked :)

Thanks! :D

What did the "boss" button show? Some very important charts?
Anyway, it's a great idea!

The crash should be fixed now in the latest version "Beta.2" (just re-download from itch).

That's a known issue. Will be saved in an upcoming update. Sorry for that.

As written below, it seems to be a linux specific bug. I will look into it!

This seems to be a bug in the linux version. I never tested this one. I will try to debug it on linux in the next days.

Hmm... That's strange. I'm not able to reproduce it. I tested various overlapping combinations (even 3 in a row) but it did not crash for me.

Can you tell what powerups at what spot (rough direction) caused the crash? Is it reproducable on your machine?

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I must honestly say 900 on your very first run is huge! As you see in the highscore list most other players gained lower scores by now. So nice job!

The game is not about leveling your wolf or unlocking achievements (as of now). I want it to be a simple arcade game that you play to beat your own or other player's highscore. For this purpose the game has a large enough map with different spots and strategies you can go for. If you already reached #1 in the ranking, you may take a break and check back later. I can assure you there are much higher scores possible! ;)

That being said, I must add that I like the idea of achievements. I think that might fit pretty good into the game. It would be a great feature for a Steam release! I will definitely keep that in mind.

Thanks for taking the time and giving this valuable feedback!

Does it always crash at this spot?

Did you have any other active powerup before you picked up the paw?

It's a self-made engine written in JavaScript (ReactJS).

If you're interested in this topic you can learn more about it here:

Thanks a lot for this amazing feedback! Great to read that you finished the game, so apparently most critical bugs should be fixed right now ⚔️🐛

Good luck with your second run and thank you so much for supporting Colmen's Quest! 

Yeah, that's a bug in the dungeon generation. It will be fixed in the update today! Make sure to download it later on and thank you for playing.

Huh, that's unfortunate! I just reached out to them and will see what we can do about this issue.

Thanks for bringing it up!

Hi Tchey!

Thank you for playing and giving feedback! I'm very glad you like the game. Let's get straight to the points:

1) You can already use the arrow keys and the numpad (for skills) right now. I agree that this is also not ideal but it's an alternative for anyone not having qwerty layout. I might look into keybindings later.

2) Yep, I try to add basic options for sound controls and fullscreen in the next update.

3) It's already in the game but more or less experimental, hence no "documentation" ;) You can press the Page up/Down keys to zoom in/out. You may or may not experience some minor pixel rendering issues.

4) I'll see what I can do about it :)

5) I have save slots on my list for quite some time but as no one ever requested this I thought I might not need to implement it :D But I'm glad that you bring it up. I think Colmen provides some replay value in terms of different builds and I will try to enable save slots in the next update.

6) Nah, those crits need to rumble!

7) I will consider adding raw numbers for the health/mana orbs.

8) Hmm... I don't quite understand this point. You've found it difficult to play with the bow and want it to get nerfed so that it can not be used in melee (distance=1)? I'm sure I misinterpret something here ;)

9) I want to wait for a lot more player feedback before deciding on any changes here.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to put this feedback together! Much appreciated!

Thank you so much for playing and your feedback!

Will put that on my list for post release.

You couldn't know. I just decided it to be like that ;)

Thank you so much for your support and a nice weekend for you too!

Thanks so much for your support! Everyone who donates the minimum suggested amount will receive the EA version one way or the other. I just need to find out how this is handled by itch.

But if you wanna wait, that's fine too :)

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely try to buff melee combat / str based skills a bit more. I already have some ideas for that.

I also like your other suggestions and will see what I can do. The bug with charge skill will be fixed with the next update, btw.

It was a pleasure to read your feedback! Thanks a lot!

Some of your thoughts went straight on my todo list. I can also assure you that there will be more (outdoor) locations coming ;)

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Your first 2 issues seem to be bugs that I will look into!

Regarding the skills: You can learn more than 4 skills and you should be able to reassign them to your active skill slots with the keys 1-4 when hovering them in the skill overview.
I guess the info on the right side isn't prominent enough ;)

Thanks for playing!

Nope, it's made with JavaScript (ReactJS).

(1 edit)

Nice! Really happy that you like it!

Oh, I see. Never tested any platform in the itch client. Will do that! ;) Thanks.