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Please focus on helping yourself and casper to get better first. We're all going to wait and pray for your good health first and foremost so don't worry about rushing through anything. Follow the doctor's advise. <3

God, Casper is getting cuter each time I see him. I can't wait to see more progress on him. You're doing pretty well with the scripts too.

Here are my answers to the questions:

1. I didn't even think Arya would sleep at night but he would most likely stay up working on his laptop or something. Kahlil would maybe watch movies or eat some snacks? As for Guntur, I feel like he might just lay on the bed until he falls back asleep. (My first thought was him breaking into people's houses. Could also be a possibility.)

2.Guntur would probably eat something with a lot of protein like chicken or heartier meals. Arya might be more into things with caffeine or coffee flavored snacks? Like coffee cakes or something since I only remember seeing him with coffee in the demo, both during the introduction and that one scene where we gave him a can of coffee. (Or did he give it to us? I haven't gotten around to playing the demo again since I want to wait for the full release.) I can't imagine Kahlil picking anything other than sweets.

I thought Casper was a pug until you stated it was a chihuahua x.x I hope Casper makes a speedy recovery. I've been a bit busy since Ramadan came up so I've sort of forgotten to check the recent posts, it's fun to know I have a bunch of posts stacked up to read though once I remember again. You can write an entire wall of text and I'd read the entire thing so good luck with your progress.

I guess I'm not all that surprised that Arya might be the one to get the most injured, I really need to play the demo again, I forgot so many things. I think it played it roughly 2-3 years ago. I can't think of any chibi drawings I'd like to see at the moment but these questions are definitely interesting so here are my answers for the new ones:

1. I guess this one doesn't include Maya but I know she's ticklish too. My answer for this one is Kahlil since I've read all the Q&As (yes, I've read through all the posts to because they were so entertaining, I even have all the Q&As saved so I can reread them) and I didn't see any indications that any of the bachelors are all that ticklish except for Kahlil if my memory serves me right.

2. I don't know how I end up answering with one bachelor for each batch of questions but I also think this question is for Kahlil due to what I've read in the Q&As. I think Arya is definitely very stingy due to that one scene in the game and I think Guntur would be the type to save his money.

Hello, it's very nice to see how close you are to finishing the game, I hope you've been taking care of yourself though. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post these little updates, it really makes me excited for Monday to arrive because of this.

As for the questions-

1. I think Guntur might get hurt the most in this story because of obvious reasons although it could be a trick question. I assume he would tank the most damage due to his body and pain tolerance, does that make sense?

2. Is it really obvious? xD I assume this one is also for Guntur since Arya strikes me as the type to have the count for most girls scared off. Kahlil seems a bit sweet to have the most exes but looks could be deceiving. My answer is still Guntur for this, though.

Finished the Seduce Me Series some months ago and I loved your game so much I wanted to look for some more, I was wondering if theres a possibility of the Choose Me Series being on steam?

Oh man I didn't notice you already posted another devlog, this is hilarious XD

Merry Early Christmas! It's amazing how far you progressed already, keep up the great work and stay safe!

I hope you have an amazing Christmas! I also have some questions for the bachelors incase they haven't already been asked

1. How would the bachelors react to Maya being in labour during pregnancy? 

2. How often do the bachelors shower? 

3. Their reaction to Maya getting injured ( I suppose this might be answered in the game but asking anyway incase It doesn't )

Glad to help

Finally, I was looking for a game like this and I loved the demo, this is a great game and I hope to see it to its end, also I don't know if you already noticed but Damien's sprite is a bit too high, you'll see when you hide the HUD but just pointing it out incase you didn't already fix it