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Finished the Seduce Me Series some months ago and I loved your game so much I wanted to look for some more, I was wondering if theres a possibility of the Choose Me Series being on steam?

Oh man I didn't notice you already posted another devlog, this is hilarious XD

Merry Early Christmas! It's amazing how far you progressed already, keep up the great work and stay safe!

I hope you have an amazing Christmas! I also have some questions for the bachelors incase they haven't already been asked

1. How would the bachelors react to Maya being in labour during pregnancy? 

2. How often do the bachelors shower? 

3. Their reaction to Maya getting injured ( I suppose this might be answered in the game but asking anyway incase It doesn't )

Glad to help

Finally, I was looking for a game like this and I loved the demo, this is a great game and I hope to see it to its end, also I don't know if you already noticed but Damien's sprite is a bit too high, you'll see when you hide the HUD but just pointing it out incase you didn't already fix it