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ok hopw it works thx

The first hidden berrie is at the first level when you reach the platform above the spawn dash towards the left.


how? i cant well bring them! i press x and z!

maybe 40 if its above 40 this game is offcaily torture

hahaha same but no kidding how many levels

plz fix the multiplayer it no work!

ok thanks!

can u add auto update please?

what do the damsels do?


Yo this game is amazing! Because of the procedural generation some levels with guards are literally impossible! So I was wondering if you could add this feature of knocking out or distracting guards?

hahaha same but we need more updatesssssss

Thanks for responding! 

this game is amazing! very polished! what coding platform was this made on

Nice game! Like the graphics too!

uh... i think i misunterstood.

uh the camera is hard to see thorugh

try restarting your computer or shutting it down

i dunno on windows it ez just press the little rectangle on the top of window


Nice game but can you add monsters and weapons?

i agree

hey the link doesnt work also nice game.

also (sugesstion) u should make the levels a doom wad so people can play it in gzdoom

Same thing happens when I play in browser. Also my OS is Chrome. It starts when I play a level too.

thx for answering have a nice day!

FARA community · Created a new topic Is there auto-updater?

This game looks so funnn! But 1 question... Is there a auto updater?

You have to find the one type that says "application" and run it but if there's multiple application just choose a lucky one. Hope this works!

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic Auto-Updater

Is there going to be a auto updater in the game? Or is it that it's already there and i'm too dumb to look for it?

Ok, thanks for the reply!

Never mind, I fixed it.

This game looks amazing! (haven't downloaded it though😭). I have a question. Is this going to stay free and when will a full game come out?

Uh, sorry again but for some reason my chromebook says it's dangerous and doesn't let me download. Can you fix it?

Hey again! Thanks so much for adding the updates! I'll download it today! Thx and bye!

This game is amazing! I know it's not complete but I see the potential in it. May I have a few suggestions?

1. Respawning monsters. Last time I played this, I killed all the zombies and they  didn't respawn so I kinda just finished the game there.

2. More items. That makes the game more fun! Like put a big zombie boss summoning item or epic weapons!

3. Bigger maps and more houses.  More to explore right?

4. Seed Generator. Nobody likes having the same house and world everytime right?

Finally, add multiplayer! That would be amazing! People could help each other survive! These are all great suggestions you could add to your game. Hope you put them! Bye!