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Hey, just wanted to take a second and give you a shout-out. This is one of the best games I've ever bought, just an amazing experience from cover to cover. Y'all did real good on it.

Thank you for the review! I'll fix the layout issues ASAP. I accidentally posted the printer proof file instead of the actual digital version. OOPS. I'll also clean up the hit locations rules so they work a bit better.

Good morning! Yeah, it looks like the notes field that I could've SWOWN was part of the Paypal process either vanished or was never there in the first place. It's not a problem, I'll email everyone once the campaign ends to get physical addresses. Thank you for backing!

This was the project that really brought you to my attention. It would've been cool, but NOVA blows it out of the water.

Good work, gamers. Your spite only made Spencer more powerful.

I did a review of this game over on Twitter. Short version: IT'S REALLY GOOD. Long version:

This will definitely be expanded further, once I find the time. At first I had no idea what to do with the image, but after I took a nap on it the concept became really clear. Thank you so much for hosting!

It took me several nightmares, but I think I've got this.

Oh good, an easy one. -_-

Oops, I was wondering how you'd get our pictures to us. I'm in!