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Colas Algo

A member registered Mar 06, 2021

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Doesn't work

Yeah, you should stop insulting people for saying answers that aren't your absurd invented shitty name for Girlfriend (I'm talking to Ari, not Whitty)

Give proof

Oh, no, you're the gay Skid who lost Pump

Oh, come on! You're now just inventing silly names!

I think you come from like a the past, when that wasn't deconfirmed like a thousand times

Girlfriend is her canon name. She doesn't have a name like "Cherry" or "Heather". Her name is Girlfriend as said multiple times by the creators of the game

Extract the .zip file and press Funkin.exe. Make sure you're using your correspondent version. If you're in a Windows 10, choose 64 bits; if you're in an older version of Windows, choose 32 bits; if you're in a mac, choose the iOS version; and if you're in a Linux, choose the Linux version

The 16th of March release date was a fake leak made by TheNapol TheNapol in this video: 

Yeah, but it's weird

That's true, on browser it maybe doesn't open. Just refresh a lot of times until it works (or download the game as I did when I ended up tired after doing it for like an hour)

If you don't enter a tab for a long period of time, the page will close, if you enter again, the page will refresh. This happens because if they're all open and working all the time, your computer will slow down

I can't believe it, I was so happy that I repeated every hard level, so now I have passed B Side M.I.L.F. on flip twice

16 of March

It comes out that day

It's the official realease date

16th of march


It is an old stream, I don't know when it happend. I'll try to find it

That's pretty difficult to most of the players. Try the two hand mode for a while and you'll see it's a lot better (left hand fingers in "A" and "S" and right hand fingers in "↑" and "→".)

Actually, PhantomArcade said in a Stream that he had already planned an ending for the game without giving anyy more information

Then I'll give you a trick for Thorns (which is actualy one of the easiest levels). DON'T FOLLOW THE RHYTHM. Every note is one note further than it would have to be. Just look at the notes and ignore the rhythm.

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The Tutorial is the only level with lag, don't worry. That happens with everyone, it's not an error of your computer. To beat that level, you'll have to look at the notes and NOT follow the rhythm

Smash was a song used for testing that doesn't work if you try it. It was supposed to be the "Break the Targets" theme from Super Smash Bros. Meelee. I tried to enter the song's code, but it's really strange as every symbol is not read by my computer

That's... not a really good idea. Playing with one hand is very difficult. Maybe having to connect a controller is the answer?

They don't, they're offbeat

It is confirmed

Winter-Horrorland is one of the easiest songs in the game and Monster isn't a challenge at all

Try to download the game instead of playing it online

You have to play the normal version

*Insert orgasm*

If the game doesn't start, he can't reset it, because the game was never opened in the first place

You're playing the Ludum Dare Prototype, not the actual version