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this masterpiece of a game is definitely one of the best on this website

this game really has its own charm. so simple yet special. is there gonna be a sequel?

this shouldn't have had me this messed up

i really liked it :')

i like the creativity

thanks for the translation!~

~ b e a u t i f u l ~

interesting storyline, badly executed.


ahhh wish this was longer


no problem ^^

i have questions that need answers immediately


interesting.. nah really this was weird and fun

excited out of my ass for the final product

this was very fun to play, not to mention really creative and unique. nice work! ^^


i was very impressed by this game.. thought it would be an enjoyable short little indie horror game but it's actually really well made and genuinely scary. btw you have great taste in creepy music. keep up the good work :)

the plot twist was great, i like this game!

this was fucking awesome! it was so fun, and how sick it is adds the cherry on top. i love it! great game <3

cool game, definitely made me scream lol. but it was moving kinda slow

so unnerving i probably left mid-game like 6 times

killing the mother was the saddest shit ever, but the rest is pretty cool no lie!

its so weird that the weirdness adds more flavor and beauty to this absolute masterpiece. but i definitely also shat my pants from that loud ass jumpscare

no problem

no problem

no problem ^^

that was loud yo my volume was so high

this was very interesting... scares definitely got me but i didn't quite understand if there was a hidden meaning in the game or if it was just for fun. either way, this was fun!

finding out some of the stuff (like the cigarettes under the sheets) was a tad bit difficult but it was really fun putting all the pieces together! and i just wanna say that marilyn is so fricking beautiful bro

that ending was beautiful

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first of all, WOAH LOL. this game managed to make me feel unnerved, then sad. but i just wanna ask, how did you manage to think of this? and how the frick are you so talented? excellent job on this one.

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i was so unnerved but so comforted. about people acting like he's not there, kinda relatable to me for some reason. thought i'd shit my pants from the scares but instead left simping for a skinny ass zombie thing

my game glitched in the potion room, i was stuck. but i saved not long ago so it's okay! anyways i loved this, it's much better than i expected! unfortunately i got the 2 bad endings but the good ending with ingram was so wholesome! and the embry easter egg made it all better lol

ahh it's so well made!! loved the visuals too <3

why is it predictable yet so terrifying

this was so cool! i love little games like this where it's just so enjoyable (≧◡≦)

the jumpscare actually messed me up. for a second i thought i would vomit my heart out lol. i was also concerned for my laptop A LOT! but nice game tho :)