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I don't really know how to install it on MacOS, but what exactly going wrong?

Hey! Thank you.
I use devkitPro for compiling, Adobe Photoshop for graphics, Tiled for map creating, FL Studio and Audacity for music and sounds and Notepad++ for coding

Hey! Game is still in works, glad you liked the demo.
I can't suggest any speciefic development kit for GBA development. You might want to install devkitPro - a toolchain which gives you the oportunity to compile for GBA. From that you just go ahead and make your games with notepad++ and tools for graphics and sfx of your choise.
I used this tutorial (which is on Russian), and which have an open source demo what you can use as foundation for your project. And you may also be interested in Tonk tutorial which was used by the author of first one I believe.

Wow, thank you for the mention. So glad to see someone noticed all the stuff I made with this character. I really hope I can release this game one day. Gonna check other games later too!
You are hilarious guys and I hope your audience will get wider. Keep it up! 

No, working on it right now.

Sadly no options yet. This is the end of demo version.


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Thank you for playing this game. I am glad that there is still people who somehow find this game and checking it out. Yes, this demo is this short, but I am still working on it and have so much more plans to do. Would love if you play the next demo when it's gonna be ready so stay tuned!

Спасибо :з

Schoolgirl costume: confirmed ✓

Glad you like it! CFA Engine is a GBA programming tutorial course and open source project which is used for this game. You can learn more here (Russian language).