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Hi! I noticed your reply and got the newest version, I was using v0.9.2 but I got the v0.10 release and it's not happening anymore now.

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Hiya, so I've been using this for about a month now and I'm finally getting use to using the keybinds which helps alot!

But now I have this teeny little issue that's getting more and more annoying everytime it happens.

I load up Pixelorama, and it'll load my previous project as normal but I can't edit it at all in any way until I make a new canvas, after making the new canvas it somehow fixes itself though so I've been having to create a new canvas just to delete that new canvas everytime I want to work on the project-

Any ideas?

Edit: this also happens if I turn off the autoload last project feature and load it manually

The only thing I disliked was how often I got lost, but that could just be my bad eyesight.

Either way this is a really nice little port of doom and I loved playing it!

I really love this pixel art software but I wish it had a sort of color-wheel (not sure what this is actually called) as a sort of companion to the color palettes.

So you'd be able to pick a color much easier if it's not a part of the palette you're currently drawing with.

Take as much time  as you need

Looks awesome so far, I can't test it cause I mainly use linux also I agree with the other comments. If this were a real WM I would use it all the time

I love this game...  will you please make more?

Can you add support for different controller types cause I don't have a 360 controller

Nice game though, had fun playing it

Still looks and feels a lot like Minetest but you're right it's not a clone

Nice Minetest clone bro

Got to level 4 on my first try :D