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Aww yeah, skeleton hell!

Fantastic illustrations and super clean layout. Looking forward to more of your work!

Sweet. 😎

An invaluable resource for game night. Fantastic!

A fantastic collection of unique locations, lots to build off here! Tables are great too!

Thx :]

Thanks! Always fun to hear that the mountain is making its way to other people’s tables. :]

Loved the surreal nature of the cave and the descriptions of all its contents! Made me a cautious reader, thinking carefully about each area. I think players will really like this one. 

Thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to have a look. :]

Really like the Recollections table, good way to convey details to the players, giving context to the situation they’re in while keeping everything in-character. Nice! 

Wholesome hook to get things started, clear goals, really like the main event and the twists it can introduce for the party. Would work well for a fun one-shot quest, or used as roadside stopover in a bigger campaign!

A solid pamphlet adventure, sci-fi + river boats! Very rad. Some interesting encounters to be had in this one.

Not sure I get how rating works, but I’ll just keep posting this, cuz it’s true. :)

Wonderful writing! Chapel and Tomb are my favs! 

Wonderful writing, like seriously, getting shivers browsing through some of the locations here. Chapel and Tomb are my favs!

Appreciate you taking a look! 

The project is a bit of a jam mash-up with the Vexes and Hexes Jam and the Adventure Jam that’s happening too. So probably a mid-September-ish start, I think. Once I start writing, it’s hard to stop!

Thanks! 🙂

Love the look and layout of this! Really immersive and warm feeling. 

Stellar and imaginative solo ttrpg, brief yet enduring. Still sticks with me. 

Thanks for trying it out. :)

Echoing the above, the use of card as randomizer is genius!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and thanks for the comments! Curious to see how it plays with different groups, I suspect group coordination will really swing the outcome of the story. Would love to hear how your story turns out. 🙂