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Replied to Plum in Alpha Update 1.01a

Hey there, thank you soo much! the game is going to run like this:

you select what level you want to play in, and your record is your time & score for that level (there will be an online leaderboard too)

and in game it will spawn creatures and you have to finish the objective before you die or run out of time and when you finish the objective you keep goign and going etc

Created a new topic Alpha Update 1.01a

Alpha Update 1.01a:


1x Forrest Level

1x Bat Creature

1x Slime Creature

1x Rabbit Creature

Enemy Spawns



Menu Screen

Place Holder Assets





Created a new topic !Introductions & Ideas!

!Hey There!

My Name Is Liam [Coffvy] & I really like creative design and for me it is the story that people tell, so with my game I am thinking of using a cinimatic extension for unity I just got to make cool cut scenes to help drive the plot of the game with interactive camera puzles allong the way :) hope you guys like the idea and we'll see how it turns out!

I plan to get out of the jam: knowledge about camera animation and cut scenes!