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The art is really interesting!!! and cute, in some way. It's so cool how it can be both really lovely and upsetting/scary at the same time. It would have been cool if there was a little more explanation about the story itself! But that's okay! It's a pretty cool game.

The soundtrack and the graphics are very nice!! 

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I liked the game so much! I gotta say that my favourite thing were the sprites and all the scenary in general. The game is sooo pretty! <3 

Can't say much about the history because i haven't been able to do more than 1 ending... but so far it's good! I liked so much the plot twists and the things that happens in the church are just -cheff kiss- 

I really loved this game! It was very interesting but so scary, so i could play it with my little sister, and she really loves the game too! She has been begging me to play and read the game for her again once and once again lol (She doesn't know how to read yet so yeah) 

Very cool artstyle too! I love how it can be cute OR scary/disturbing depending on the situation and the context (Like in "It´s not me it´s my basement).

THE GAME IS HELLA INCREDIBLE!!! The art, the soundtrack, the history, everything was amazing! I really enjoyed it!! Every scenario, every sprite, and details like when the eyes of the characters changed, or the refelcting effect on the blood, or when a character was upside that thing over the water that move on circles, and they moved too!! Everything was so fricking beautiful!

Even the history was amazing! It felt like a perfect in-between a RPG and a Visual Novel, the dialogue and the way i could felt the way their voice sound, just with the colors and the way they talked! Not to talk about the way i get scared by those machines lol, it was even better because they didn't get to me inmediately, instead, i could see how the ran over me and how i could make the character run too, even when i was already dead! Just too beautiful and well-made to be true. But it's true! I just played it! Lol! 

From here i mention something that maybe could be a SPOILER so if you haven't played don't read. 

My only question is, is suppose so that Anais painted those images on the wall to tell the history about how everything end up like that, and she tells us that everything was because of a kind of Robot that went against humanity. But then, why in the painting you can see a person with a child? At first i thought it was all because of aliens or something like that, because Anais painted something that looked like an ovni possesing the green person and their child. AND, in the last image you can see how the green person has the child, but now as a fetus inside them??? It was something i really didn't understand. If someone can tell me a theory or whatever that's supposed to mean, i would be so grateful! Now i can't stop thinking about that lol 

Again, amazing game. I totally recommend it. I completed the game in an afternoon lol, having in account that i died a lot of times xd Special thanks to my friend that called me a coward when i wanted to give up because of how scary the game was, so i'll continue playing LOL ily dude. 

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