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That has me so excited! I should have realized I missed this "En inglés y español"!! Sorry for that! Cannot wait to see what you have for us. Really looks special, excited to give it a go, maybe make an "Indie Intro" video on our Youtube or stream it on Twitch. 

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Any chance of an English translation? Game looks amazing!

Wow this is looking spectacular. Can't wait to load it up on my 128k!

Played this last night on stream for the first time and literally fell in love with it. What a great game!

Thank you so much!!!! Also the game is fantastic. Really impressed with the ghost routines, they seem very close to the arcade. Controls are great, very well done and thanks for the .TAP file!!! Cheers

Would love to play this on my Proper ZX Spectrum 48k or 128k +2, would you please release a .TAP for us all? Some of us don't play on emulators :)

I am looking forward to this game!

My daughter and I have played this game together maybe 100+ times already. It will end up being one of those games she remembers playing with her Dad, which is me. I love this. I only know it because I remember playing games that were awesome with my Dad back in the 70's. 10/10 from us.

Love this!

PLEEEEEEEEEEASE port this to the ZX Spectrum. It deserves to be on it! SO AMAZING!

Go Sir Declan!


I am also looking forward to making the video! I WILL SOON! haha. I got involved with a few QA projects so I'm a bit behind in making youtube videos, fear not! haha Still one of the most played games in this house.

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This game is so much fun, easy to get into and totally exciting to complete. My daughter literally kicks me away from the joysticks so she can have a go. She proudly is playing it on her Amiga Mini with Twin Joysticks! Was an absolute pleasure to work with you Nivrig and I hope to do it again for many more projects in the future. 10/10 would highly recommend folks! Yeah I'm slightly bias, but still... would highly recommend!

I do have the Nano SuinSID installed at the moment. I'm waiting for my 8580 to arrive. I will give this a test and see if I can get the game working, thank you so much you rockstar!

Sarah, any chance you can help me getting it working on my C64c with Kung Fu Flash? I can load the game up but as soon as I hit the button to start the game I get to see the next screen with easy and normal but then it kicks me right back to the page where I can click start new game or continue. I’m in an endless loop. All versions

Any chance on a .PRG or .CRT file? Cant currently play it on a real C64c with Kung Fu Flash which is a bummer. Have to use the MiSTer or C64 Maxi to play. Just seems odd that this is in disk format. Any chance? please?


Game is fantastic, the entire family is playing this one. Even a close friend came over and sat in front of it for an hour playing it. Addictive, pleasant to look at with excellent graphics, controls are spot on, even has good sound! Love it. Making a video on it for sure. Thanks for the extra 18 holes! That's great value!

100% loving this game and now that my joystick is working and this new update with an "Overall Strokes" on the screen it just gets better and better. Awesome!

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I really want to dive into this game but no matter how many times I hit J for joystick it does not enable the joystick on my 48k. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. Help please :)

Using a DIVMMC and a monster joystick. 100% kempston compatible

10/10 - My favorite new Single screen platformer... hell it's my favorite platformer full stop. Love this game!

This looks fantastic!

Anytime my friend, we are your QA whenever you need it!

You knocked it out of the park on this one Monte!!! 10/10

You are a rockstar Greg! Thanks so much for this!

I grew up using a C64 in the UK and I absolutely LOVED text adventures. Mixing a text adventure with a board game idea was a stroke of genius. This entire family has fallen in love with this game, we have shared it with our friends and family and since then when they come over they ALL request a round of The Nightland. I am so impressed with this title, and I started my career making Eye of the Beholder for the Amiga and PC! I love this game, love the idea, and hope to possibly help Alessio make an expanded version or an amazing sequel! Trust me, grab a copy and have an amazing time!

Super Excited to play this Sarah! Thank you so much for all your amazing hard work :)

Fan-bloody-tastic! Thank you so much for adding to the legacy that is the Commodore 64!

Awesome! Glad to help :)

Working perfectly on The C64 Maxi Sarah! I plan do deep dive this game and post a review of it later. MUST stream this one! Thank you so much for all your tireless work you put into this title, and all our best wishes to you and your family into 2021.

We love this game!

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I love the idea of this game! I do have an issue however. It works perfectly fine on the C64 Maxi, but crashes every time I choose G or I at the start on the C64 Mini. Both running latest firmware, English_AD file used. I am in the USA and I believe this is a Pal to NTSC issue. I have the NTSC C64 Mini. I have taken your file and added the flag TP and it works fine now. So - English_ADTP.D64 is the correct settings for NTSC Mini systems. Would be wonderful if you included that revision in your download as well so everyone can enjoy!

Loving the game so far but I need to read a manual, haha. NO idea what to do so far. But fun to experiment with. Excited to play this!


Amazing game, love it to bits! Another winner!

An amazing #SHMUP and deserving of game of the year! Grats Sarah!