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No worries! For a prototype it's actually kinda fun to play.

I can't get the mouse to do anything except display a cursor over the game though (tried full screen, tried clicking on the game) - but it might just be a linux thing.

If you developed mainly for the controller, it makes sense that the odd keyboard/mouse bug could be lurking around.


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Sweet! Love how the dust kicks up. Took me a minute to figure out you had to start the engine first though...

Also, I could only get some of the keyboard controls to work (desktop, linux, Firefox/Chrome/Chromium)
- W, S, A, D, Q, E, R, B, X Space/Up, LShift/Down, Ctrl, Tab, Backspace
Not Working (does nothing):
- C, F, H, U, L (not sure about O), (not sure what P does?)

And I can't get the mouse to do anything (like move the camera).

But other wise sweet! Loads fast, runs smooth and is very responsive to input.