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Got it running on a fresh mint 21 install, so woo!

I love a lot of the core mechanics and ideas here- drifting to build your quantum jump ability, upgrades per kill, etc. I think it starts to struggle though when there are a lot of enemies on screen though- there’s no incentive to move since touching anything deals damage to you, which means you can’t drift. Having the ability bar fill immediately with a single kill also means that staying still is the optimal choice.

I think I might personally enjoy it more if either touching enemies was neutral (no damage) or positive (hit enemy with speed or during a drift to get another kill). You’d need to add a separate entity that deals damage on contact still, but that could maybe help make movement feel more enticing.

This could be a really cool game with some tweaks- vampire survivors with a driving/drifting twist sounds like a fantastic pitch if you can pull it off!

Yeah, definitely easy to get over invested in properly engineering your demo. Definitely have to actively fight myself so I don’t pave the trail before I’ve walked to the end once.

A whole lot of great ideas come from happy accidents, glad to hear you got to have one!

I actually did not know about that band, that’s a neat tie in!

I totally feel you on the time aspect, it’s hard to prioritize stuff even when you have a month. I ended up not adding a kill condition so you have to restart my game if you fall too far 😂

Interesting. I could stick to the ceiling that was directly above me, but not the one that was higher up and to the right. I assumed it was just an oversight like how you can climb walls by mashing jump.

I was primarily playing on my 1440p monitor but I tried it on my 1080 too just to make sure it wasn’t purely weird scaling issues. I don’t think I want access to the editor at this time, but I hope you enjoyed making it!

I could use a hint on how to get past the 3rd level where you fall straight into a pit and can’t jump around the ledge. If it’s a puzzle, I’m stumped lol.

I like your approach on the theme, definitely feels like it drives the design of everything. It’s not amazing aesthetically but it’s not bad or jarring, which is fine by me. I’ll take an ugly fun game over a pretty but bad one personally. Definitely interested to see more if you end up making more levels!

I really like the music, and thematically I’m generally a fan of cowboys and space being combined. That said, I’m not really understanding how quantum ties into any elements other than your jump meter at the top saying “quantum energy”. Not having walking/jumping animations does make the experience worse off and the collision boxes favor the obstacles a bit too much. It’s not a bad game by any means but a little polish would go a long way.

So far this is one of my favorites as far as game design type stuff goes, I was actually pretty engaged with trying to figure out how everything works! Seeing that it’s only 51kb is also shocking to me.

The biggest place you can improve is to expand your description to make some stuff more evident. Do pumps need to be placed over acid? What do any of the buildings do or produce? How I increase quality to fulfill quest goals?

Overall though, this is the whole package. Small but still feels like a game, fun to play, title screen and music included; very well done!

I like the limited palette, makes the eyes and power-ups really pop. The background could stand to be a bit brighter overall, I ended up running into some ground spikes before I could see them.

There are some clunkiness/polishing issues I ran into while playing. You have player control still while the title sequence is going, so I managed to kill myself before the game started and couldn’t get into the actual game at first. After I waited for the title to run fully though, I got in fine.

On a 1920x1080 monitor, your character seems to be stuffed away in the top left corner. I can’t tell if that’s a bug or a design choice, but it’s a bit disorienting. You also can’t exit the game from inside the application, which is fullscreen so you can’t get to the [x] button either. Alt+f4 is not the most desirable way to end a game.

Overall good effort though!

Big props for making an engine and some tools, that’s not easy to do. That said, I can’t see the engine nor tools so I can only work with what I see on the screen.

I like the vector aesthetics, I think everything is very easy to understand and digest, but feels more clean than a similar game with basic JPG sprites would. Being able to vary the terrain is also a really neat bonus that something tile based wouldn’t get.

The downside is that the controls are being very weird for me. Maybe 50% of the time I don’t actually get a jump, and the bar that measures your angle is so small that I have a lot of trouble aiming where I’m going. I think I spent maybe 6 minutes just trying to get up two straight edge boxes and just couldn’t muster it between the lack of sensitivity and jumps disappearing.

There’s definitely potential here, but unfortunately the controls are holding me back from being able to see anything else in the level.

PS:I was able to make the WithLibs version run fine on Windows 10

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Really impressive in general to have the flashlight effect and 3d graphics in 5k, so kudos in general! The music is creepy, the static effect is good as is the distance-based distortion effect.

I think my only criticism is the usual game jam one- it feels too short and sparsely populated. It’s a good tech demo and the atmosphere is there, it’s just some level design away from being a cool little game.

Edit: Also, I think you did a great job of sticking with the theme. Really feels like Clippy is doing some quantum weirdness.

I’m totally with you about the voices, and I personally like them even if my aesthetic sense tells me not to lol. Not everything quirky is bad.

That’s the hard part about a jam, having to stop before you can really leverage all the stuff you built under the hood. If you end up making a fuller version I’d be happy to play it though!

I was able to get it running without much issue but unfortunately I’m not understanding how this relates to the theme. So far as I can tell, it’s just standard breakout. I see in the readme there is “push” option, is that just meant to release the ball?

Doesn’t appear I can run this on linux mint 20.3 (cinnamon) since I’m stuck on glibc_2.31 instead of 2.34. I’ll try to play again tomorrow from windows though.

Love the music and how it speeds up and slows down with the respective tiles. The voice overs can be a bit intrusive, but that’s somewhat charming too, reminds me of other games back in the day that would play out full voice clips regardless of context.

I think the difficulty is perhaps a bit high for a tech demo. I couldn’t reach the end and it might be overly tuned to your level of expertise after testing and playing it repeatedly. I also think that the “quantum” element doesn’t stick very well, in part because there are so few times you can safely use it. But there’s definitely potential there!

Overall, an impressive showing and especially so for something in 20kb.

Thanks for giving it a try! I also would have loved to add sound and music, but I ran out of time because I spent too long on the character controller animations.