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Cody Bennett

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Wrapped up gameplay and checking off UI for my game.

The idea for the UI was to calculate a game score based on destroyed asteroids by size, displaying an online scoreboard to post results to as well as live feedback.

I've run into some technical issues in having a HUD display for all of my audiences, so I wasn't quite sure how to approach it. Things in WebXR are still bleeding edge, and I had to make some concessions to get a game up at all (postprocessing, DOM/HUD features, etc., are still WIP).

My favorite challenge behind this game had to do with smooth input switching. On recent VR headsets, you can switch between controller and hand tracking, and I opted to support them in the UI. Unfortunately, you need a controller with a gamepad since gaze-based controls weren't very reliable in testing.

This game jam was fun, and I learned quite a bit about various game modes and styles and even some new design patterns to work around. Specifically, I found a few new design patterns to apply to XR experiences regarding comfort and accessibility, based on posture, that I may expand on later.