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A member registered Jul 20, 2020

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I accidentally deleted my project and soon realized that I had not made any backup...

Should I rebuild it, or participate in another jam another time?

Even if I do rebuild it, I think I won't be able to finish it in time.

I participated just because this jam was hosted by Brackeys

Nope, I can still reply

Wait, itch has captchas?

I had to click view more in thread thrice to get here

Happen if it gets too long





Holy crap this is getting long

Thanks for the support

I think he is just joking

Post any random stuff on this

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Lets test it shall we?

I also don't know...


I was watching the clock and thought that it would show the theme after the timer goes down.

Got to -1,-2,-3 seconds, when I realized that I should refresh my page

I have some ideas, but more won't do any harm

In my country, it started at 3:30 pm. Right after lunch

I wonder, how long it will go

Would love to see a game fit inside a line


How many are watching the clock tick down?

This is my first jam. Joined about 2 weeks ago.

Was confident all this time, getting nervous now

Actually, I have read the itch documentation on how to upload the game.

Just wanted to know how it will work in a jam


The game jam will start in a few hours and we have one week to submit it.

But, how do I submit the game when I have finished it?

Sorry for stupid question, but this is my first jam.

It couldn't be this big of a coincedence-

Very excited for my first jam. A bit nervous as well.

No engine, vanilla javascript with html5 canvas

At the time of writing this, about 19 hours are left till the start of the jam.

Any wild guess on the theme? Or what you want the theme to be?

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You can use pixel station for android

haha, I was going to use javascript(vanilla). I thought of making a game engine about a month ago. You made what I was going to

Actually, the post with the team request has been deleted. It is not on your post

There is no need to add that smiley face where you wrote you are 14.

I am 13, and I have been programming since I was 10. Starting when you are young, in my opinion, is a great idea.

And I am not here to team up.

well, technically,I am going to be 13 in 2 months

nah, I am going solo.

I don't really like talking to people.

Like talking bits like this is fine, but prolonged conversion like in jam groups is too much for me to handle

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I just want to know how many people are of my age group,

I am 13 just so you know

Also, I have 3 years of programming experince but 6 months of game dev

it says 404 not found