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Not bad! It’s a basic walking simulator, with a semi-randomly generated Level 0 map. There’s a monster, but…he don’t do much.

The Linux build is broken because the .pck file is missing.For future Linux users, you can get a working native build by just downloading both the windows and linux builds, putting them in the same folder, renaming the .exe to .pck, and running the .x86_64 file.


Instructions unclear. Eating an apple.

The giant ring is already in each level, just hidden out of the way. You need to obtain 50 rings before it can be used.

Press down when you are moving. You can also hold down and spam jump to do a spindash.

Apologies. I thought I had the credits in the description. Though, I do believe they are credited in the end-of-game credits roll (as well as the sprite artists/rippers for Shadow and Silver).

Great job, especially for your first game!

Yup, that’s exactly what that is!

Haha! Thanks!

What browser are you using?

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Hey! Yup, I’ve heard of Aseprite. I’m just too cheap to buy it (lol). I’ve also tried LibreSprite (which is a branch of the open-source version), but I’m just too used to Piskel at this point.

Not sure if I’m planning on taking this any further after the jam. However, I’d totally be open to working together in future jams!

Thanks! Those are definitely things I could add to make everything feel tighter. Thanks for the suggestion!


Weird…I can’t seem to reproduce the problem on my machine, try as I might. I’m wondering if it has to do with the particular keyboard you’re using or something…I’ll keep looking into it and let you know if I figure out anything.

Huh. I don’t seem to be having this issue…if you could catch it on video or something I might be able to see what you are talking about.



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Yes I did! I’m using the Godot engine.

Graphics were done using piskel and GIMP. I also did all the audio in LMMS.

Actually, there is a secret entrance at the end of sky terrace to get there… just go backwards before you reach the goal.


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Thanks! I actually did do that, though it may not be obvious. Maybe it just seems like I didn’t, because I don’t have the ‘skid’ animation.

If you want to use the engine yourself, I think the values are editable…



Thank you so much! It is always good in my opinion to see some honest constructive criticism! I’ve noticed that the levels didn’t quite feel fun yet, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, so your comments definitely help!

Also thanks for making an account for this. Hope to see you on itch again in the future ;)

Physics problems also depend on your browser. I tried to make it mostly fps independent, but if the framerate dips too low, it could totally cause the sluggish movement you describe. Other than that, all the physics is modeled pretty close to the genesis games.

Thanks! I modeled the collision pretty closely after the Genesis games. Even so, there are a few scattered glitches that I haven’t been able to address so far…

Haha! Thanks!


Nice! 👍


Thanks! I kinda avoided a free-rotating camera, because that would add a lot of dynamics that would be difficult to do in a week. Maybe I’ll add that as an option if I make a full version of this game!

Hey, don’t diss my ball rolling! Besides, I’ve done other projects that are more complicated. One of my earliest projects was a pokemon-remake type game in GameMaker.