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CoderJoe on discord and Solo

thanks! yeah I ran out of time to make a proper tutorial and actual gameplay :P. It was mainly a test of trying to use Unity with models made in Blender as that was something I hadn't done before.

Thanks for trying my game! Yes, there is a lot of things that did not get added because I ran out of time. Originally, the enemy orbs would attack your house and you would defend it. There was going to be an axe to cut down trees with and build defenses. I'm hoping to make a post-jam version soon.

Remember to right click to pick up the weapon

btw it says 72 hours in the screen shot but it was actually 48 hours (changed it in the game but will update screenshot soon)

Cool game! I got on the leaderboards! Couple things: there is no penalty for falling, maybe have the gem teleport when you get back up? Also, sometimes the targets glitch out if I hit them too quickly. Otherwise awesome game! One of the best ones I've seen on Itch!