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I'm starting to think about how cool it would be to start teaching DragonRuby at my kids' school. I've talked with the director and they are open to having me come in, but I didn't have a platform that I was excited about showing off. I think DragonRuby would be perfect for this, but I don't know how many of the kids have access to a laptop.

This lead me to the question, would it be possible to get the DragonRuby engine running on an iPad and/or Android tablet so that a user could edit code and see it run right there on the device?

I found code in the api_demo for how to respond to mouse clicks and was trying to get something to happen on screen at the point of a click.

I just spent a couple days trying to figure out why my mouse clicks weren't doing anything. I finally figured out how to debug the actual x and y that I was getting with the clicks and the x was always greater than 1280. I had been using args.grid.origin_center!, so the x range should have been -640 to +640. After removing the origin_center! call and going back to default origin it works just fine. Is this a known issue with origin center?