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It's not a bug. It's a feature

Pro strat til max effektivitet: pil op, pil ned, mellemrum, gentag

Virkelig sejt map. Meget trippy.

Level designet er virkelig godt

Spillet har en virkeligt fed art direction. For the love of god lad være med at læse 😤

Hey that's really awesome!

Haha yes, try beating my highscore: 300000

Thanks for the feedback, I'm very happy you liked the game :)

Really fun, Great Work!

Genialt spil

For anyone who experienced problems with the aim system, the issue should now be fixed!

"Hjælp østfra: Kim Jong-un ønsker at afprøve nyt skyts på dansk jord, og du ser din store mulighed! Betal blot fraten, og øg dine bombers effektivitet med 100x" 


This map was super awesome. I really like all the small details and secrets included, it really makes everything so much more interesting! The parkour was a pretty hard tho and I had to skip a couple of levels, but I gotta say that the levels are really well made tho. Really fun playing!
Congratulations :D 

By the way, the game couln't get past the title screen. Might be something you should look into.

Good concept, but the gameplay is lacking...

This is a really fun puzzle game. Great job!

my ears 0_0

What a great game! Loved the atmosphere and overall dreamcast vibe. Can't wait for your upcomming games!

I'm glad you liked it :)