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Just mention your skills and just ask for a team here. And by the way best of luck with the jam my friend

And I am the ghost next your Door LOL

Every moment in the game was suspense really awsome. you must've done a lot of hardwork



Really good man that's a lot of hard work and I would like to give you a great suggestion for camera follow. It is cinemachine. Cinemachine is really awesome just try that out. But cinemachine will only work with unity

well nice but I know that it is from brackets but really creative.

Check out my version also.

try this link

hey! what's up check the discord server there are some informations

join the discord


why no replies????

you are the last member to join and don't bring anyone else. Join this discord server

hi I am CodeKeys if you want to join the team then join this discord server

join this discord server our teammates can hang out here

join this discord server our teammates can hang out here

join this discord server our teammates can hang out here

are you from campk12?

you are in let's have fun

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my discord name : CodeKeys

really nice work but I don't understand the language



I am just getting everything ready we will start once the jam begins.

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We are ready we just should  have fun. There are only 2 of us 1 pixel artist and a basic programmer.Join this jam

ok I will contact you soon and can you create some pixel arts for an rpg game? I started working with programming that game.

I just work with unity and little bit ofCore.Can you give your discord so that I could join with it.

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then we can make a 2d game for the jam

thank you so much

will definetely think about it

Let's participate in this jam

Let's participate in this jam

You Can use whatever art editor you like.

It is a game from unity I have Lets work on it.

we can use the 2d game kit in unity.


Can we join and make cool games plzz.I want to hsve fun either.I am participating in this gamejam

plz lets make game for this. I am working on a game in unity for the jam, this is the game

this is not complete yet let's join together and complete it.


Can we work  together plzz.I ama programmer from unity. If you want to see my projects the search for CodeKeys at

I want to have fun! either.

I want to join plzzzzz. I am a programmer from unity.