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Okay. I just- I love this game so much and wish it was more popular. The 3D character models give me a Life is Strange vibe, which I like, and it has a unique story line. I don't know who of Lolite's friends are my fav though lol. It's hard to choose. 

Btw, I got a little Girl x Girl vibes depending on some of the choices. Is this intentional? :>

I'll definitely be anticipating any of your future projects! 

Ohhh, alright! Thank you for your response.

Lost community · Created a new topic Puzzle Help Please?

I don't understand the 3 friends, 5 flowers, 1 heart and 0 choices puzzle in the dark room. I keep rearranging the order but I'm just not getting it.

I love this so much! The characters and the map are all nicely done. I got so invested in the plot that I was slightly dissapointed when the demo ended lol. Can't wait for the full release!

I love this so much! Monster boys are my ultimate weakness. <3

The love interests are great and  I really like Nikolai's personality, but that's probably because I find the mean and sassy character types intriguing. Cailean is best boy though. Can't wait to see more!

Words can't even describe how much I love this game! pvp

To be honest, when I first downloaded it I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The characters were likable, the story was fantastic...just...I can't even. Though all the guys had their charm, Xander was best boy for me 10/10 (Arantis is a close second)! I didn't mind the grammatical errors too much because in a text heavy game I tend to expect some here and there. I managed to get all the endings (which wasn't easy but it was worth it lol). Looking forward to your future projects! <3