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I had quite a bit of fun with this. Fun story, interesting enemy. But not much tension when told that you will be completely okay if you have a flare or flashlight going. Still perfectly enjoyable. Biggest criticism would be the mixing of the audio, with some voices being considerably louder than others. If I remember correctly there was a point where I couldn't actually hear what the protagonist was saying at all. This seems to be a fairly common problem in indie games though.

Here's the video I did on it: 

SUCH A CUTE GAME! I really enjoyed this. I knew I would just from the visuals, but I ended up loving pretty much every second. Only criticism would be that the camera movements ended up making me feel sick...but that's probably not a common problem lol. I followed here cause I wanna see more!

A bit rough around the edges, but I really like the idea behind the main mechanic. Would love to see that fleshed out a bit with added depth. The story didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but that's fine. I've always leaned towards mechanical gameplay.

Had a lot of fun with this even if I did get pretty frustrated by the last level. 

I enjoyed this, but it's certainly a prototype of an idea rather than a full game. Still fun and interesting though.