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What a nice game! I really liked it, although I found it a little bit difficult. Couldn't complete it!.

Anyways, good job :)

Thank you my dude! I'll check out yours for sure!

Thank you for downloading! Could you please try doing it again? I fixed a bug that sometimes could cause this issue.

Pretty solid game I have to say. I like everything on it, from the upgrade system to the artwork. It's a bit tricky to control at first, but it gets easier the more you play it. Congrats on this one mah dude!

Okay so I really liked the game, so much that I even got PROMOTED. Yes, I am that good. I think is quite polished actually for a 3 days jam. Maybe, and this is on a personal note, I would have reduced the number of boxes to pack, becuase it can get a little bit tedious. Awesome game, nontheless. Congrats!

This game is AWESOME! The mechanic is great and the difficulty of the puzzle's is on point. Really good job. Congrats!

Awesome game, I really enjoyed the music, it fits really well. Good job!

The fact that you can pick the planes.... FKNG AWESOME. Loved it. Good job :)

I absolutely love the artwork on these one. Goo job.