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I'm honestly very excited to hear that! I'm definitely looking forward to it :)  Good luck with your development for the sequel! 

I think it took me one hour to two hours to finish this game, but I truly loved it! I ended up having the true ending. The puzzles were very well explained so I never really had a struggle solving them. Thanks for making this game, even though it was a heavy subject, I enjoyed the gameplay itself :)

Sorry for the late reply! That indeed seems to work, thank you so much!

Hi! I seem to be unable to download the .exe file :) It just says 'select' when downloading, nothing else. 

I don't usually post commenst with reviews here, or something. But after finishing one ending in about thirty minutes - I gotta say I really love this game! The puzzles really want you to bring up some of your attention by concentrating on them, which is honestly fun to do. They also allow you to be pulled into the story a little more.

The story itself was really good as well; I loved the concept. I hope to someday see more of these kind of storylines.

Again - it's a short game but definitely worth the play! (I'll be finishing the other endings in a little bit :))

Thanks so much for making this game!

I love your games so much, omg. I can´t wait for the rest! <3