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Ah! okay I see. Thank you for responding. Can't wait to play it :D.  

Hay, so quick question all the guy's relationships are implemented in the beta? So dose that mean you guys are going to come out with the full game soon?  Or is their more things you need in implement in tell its full release? Anyways thanks for reading! 

Hello. I was wondering if you have a new "Due Date" because if it has a further due date, like 2 months from now I would like to know how to get a  refund on my money so I can buy the beta. Thank you for reading.

Thanks for reading  and replying to my comment. Can we expect the game to come out some time in the next mouth or two. Thank you for continuing the development of Seiyuu Danshi and making sure it is crisp and clean.  I know it's going to be super cool and I can't wait to play it :) (I can totally wait to play it though)

I have too much teenage angst. I need this to come out now (Jk take all the time you need to further the quality of the game :D) But I do need to ask though if it is not too much. Will the game becoming out mid June or late. Thanks for reading.

*wakes up and crawls out of a dark cave hissing at the light* Hmmmmm it's not out yet? Very well I can go back to my slumber *Screeches and crab walks back in to my bedroom  cave *

*Lightly begins to stroke screen* Soon.........Soon